Friday, February 9, 2007

Decided to be frequent on blogs as I did around 2 years back. Let's wait and watch how frequent I am going to be. This time, learning from my experiences with blogs, decided not to have any specific subjects to write on, hence "mixed thoughts"

Okay now it seems all easy to keep blogging as I can write just about thing in the world !!!

Old wisom isn't it ? It was my fault and I am glad that I realized it now. I contained myself to write on a particular subject and produced not a single post. Now that I have no restrictions I think I am definitely going break my own record of 0 (zero) posts I set in my last blog. Don't bother google, looking for my old old, it's no more, I just deleted it. So does that mean that freedom makes people more creative. I think so. Otherwise why most of the break thorughs in what ever domains happened in USA. Wait a minute, inventions happened in communist Sovient Union also, isn't it. Still I think so.

"Freedom is essential for creativiy"

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